Ukrainians in Australia gathered in very large numbers this Easter to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, to pray for Ukraine, to have their Paskas blessed, to join in the Hayivky, and just to be with family and friends.

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Symon Kohut and his choir lead the Good Friday and Holy Saturday Vigil, while Mr Volodymyr Holovko led the Cathedral choir for Easter Sunday. In Geelong, the Parish choir lead all the singing.

The North Melbourne Cathedral celebrations on Saturday evening and Sunday morning were broadcast live around the world via the internet. The internet was used to broadcast the services to the Parish hall and to Kalyna Cate Aged Residence across town.

The broadcast was sponsored by Kalyna Care and Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative.

The Hayilky were especially beautiful this year. The Basilian Sisters and the Parish Ukrainian School prepared the children.

Bishop Peter led the services in Melbourne and in Geelong on Easter Monday.