Throughout his working life, Don was an industrial chemist. Born in England, he worked on four continents and now lives in Pheasant Creek, Victoria, with his wife Olya. He is a parishioner of Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in North Melbourne.

Years ago, Don began his writing career by publishing technical papers and manuals for computer



software. He has now retired and has turned his scientific mind to science fiction.

His first e book is a politically incorrect satire called ‘Pre Dot Blue Moon

This is the first book in the Skuide series of stories.

Don says that the book takes a look at “how people respond to situations and why people are upset by the polarization of power brokers.” Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and J. R. R. Tolkien are some of his favourite authors. That, in itself, tells you about how Don writes.

This is the first book in the series, which first came out in 2017. Book 2, called ‘Pre Dot New Moon’ is coming out in the near future. Don has reached a lot of people around the world who like his writing and style. You can easily read it on line or order it in hard copy from Amazon and other On Line retailers. It literally costs a few dollars.

Our Ukrainian Community in Australia is very proud of Don Langdon’s work and achievements. We wish him much success. Have a read of his book. You might just like it.