[checklist][/checklist]Eastern Catholics in Australia. In its Dogmatic Constitution on the Church the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council described the nature of the Church and its encompassing mission. Vatican II described the Church as a mystery. It is, as Pope Paul VI said, “a reality imbued with the hidden presence of God”.

[divider] [checklist][/checklist]”The light of the East has illumined the universal Church, from the moment when “a rising sun” appeared above us (Lk 1:78): Jesus Christ, our Lord, whom all Christians invoke as the Redeemer of man and the hope of the world”. Apostolic Letter of John Paul II Orientale Lumen


Decree on the Catholic Churches of the Eastern Rite Orientalium Ecclesiarum. The Catholic Church holds in high esteem the institutions, liturgical rites, ecclesiastical traditions and the established standards of the Christian life of the Eastern Churches, for in them, distinguished as they are for their venerable antiquity, there remains conspicuous the tradition that has been handed down from the Apostles through the Fathers (1) and that forms part of the divinely revealed and undivided heritage of the universal Church.