Published in Church and Life (1827-28) 22.12.2011 – 19.022012 No 1-2

It is no secret that a formally Catholic country is now one of the most morally liberal nations in the world.  For a long time now in that part of the world many practices, which were once considered morally wrong, became legal and part of society.  For example – prostitution, abortion, euthanasia, drug use, same sex marriages and other practices have been legal and common.  Other countries in the world often follow the example of the Dutch. 

Well, now you can look to the Netherlands for allowing another twist to the tolerant game – trio weddings; yes, two women married to one man or two men married to one woman.  If it is allowed somewhere in the world then people want it permitted in their own country.

Wouldn’t you know it!  An Australian newspaper reports that Australians, encouraged by the recent Labour Party platform position on same sex marriage, think that now is the time to desensitise the Australian public about their variety of supposed married bliss – not two, but three. You can expect to see much more public activity from that group!  The present Australian government denies that there are any plans whatever to expand the definition of marriage any further.

However, an Australian judge has already ruled that the threesome were “thoroughly decent and honest people” and “I do not regard the relationship … as being damaging to the children”.

As a society it seems we have, for a long time now, ignored anything that God has to say about marriage. It now appears that it is solely a matter of what we can get away with.  We have forgotten the Christian values which have been the basis of our society until now.

It seems to me that one of the obligations of any government is to try hard to defend some principles which have proven to work in the past.  We cannot change laws because a vocal minority want to push the boundaries further.


While it is true that you can actually go to hell by doing what is legal inAustraliawe, who believe in God, must expect and demand more from those who want to lead us.  It is not the majority of people who actually want to keep watering down morality inAustralia.  Unfortunately, governments who want to stay in power and to be popular with the minority think that taking the moral backbone out of our society is the thing to do.

We need God’s grace to re-examine the way we look at morality in our society.  But I know that where we are really going to need God’s help is to have the strength to live out our own faith and convictions regardless of what is legal, allowed or tolerated.

No, the Dutch are not to blame.  We cannot blame anyone for the lives we lead.  We are all responsible to God for our own behaviour.  Also we are going to have to stand up for what we believe, especially within our own lives.