Luke 18: 35-43

Today we read about a blind man who is sitting next to the road and is told that Jesus of Nazareth is walking by. He has heard about Jesus and he knows what his problem is. He is blind and he wants to see.

I, myself, have learnt that as I get older, I am able to more accurately and bravely ask for the things I need help with. Before, I perhaps was not willing to say what was troubling me. People would have to guess and learn from my mood and actions that something was wrong.

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In the Gospel, the blind man on the top of his voice yelled out “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” He yelled even more when people told him to keep quiet. A lot of people might have kept quiet – but not this man.

Because it is important to Jesus, Jesus asks- “What do you want me to do for you?” The man replies, “I want to see!”

Why does Jesus ask a question that He already knows the answer to? This is where we should pay attention. I think that Jesus wants us to speak out what we believe and need. We should not keep quiet.

Secondly, it seems Jesus wants us to identify clearly what we want from Him.

Some people cannot admit out loud what their problem is. It is almost as if they do not want healing or are not yet ready to ask for help. As we see in this Gospel, some people were embarrassed that the man was so determined in asking for help.

Jesus knows that after his resurrection people will not be able to meet Him in person as did the blind man. They will have to believe because someone else has told them who Jesus is and what He does for us. In other words, the church will depend on teachers and preachers who speak the Word of God out loud. This is the role of the church in our world today. Our faith must be proclaimed.

Some people who get into trouble in life, for example those who drink too much, take drugs, or have other such sins, know that something is wrong, know they need help, but do not get the help they need because they are afraid to ask for it.

When we are weak and sinful, God does not say to us, you have to try harder and it will be OK. No, He tells us to get closer to Him through prayer and faith.

AA, for example, firmly believes that, when one becomes an alcoholic, one has to admit that one cannot stop by oneself. One needs to admit it and ask God for healing. Then God will heal them.

Our faith teaches us that if we do not believe and ask for help, then we will not get the help we need.

As with the blind man, we come to God with our weaknesses. our sins, our problems, our own blindness. We say out loud. “Lord have mercy”. And God will say, “Do you believe? I can do this for you.”


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