Our church has some very good leaders. Our Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk has to be admired for the way he has lead and inspired our church in his first years in office. As he says, our church is a young and dynamic church. He is a leader whom many follow and admire his leadership style and his teachings.

Only recently the church received the grace of a much older but also a very young person at heart, our new Pope Francis. I have decided to quote him, without comment on various topics he has spoken. I’m sure that you will agree with me He is a real inspiration to all of us. Think about each of the following.

“No one can grow if he does not accept his own smallness.” “I dare to say it still: We Argentinians have a long history of mutual intolerance.” “A child has absolutely no responsibility for the state of his parents’ marriage and often a baptism can be a new start for the parents as well.” “There are priests who don’t baptize the children of single mothers because they were not conceived in the sanctity of marriage.

These are today’s hypocrites, who separate the people of God from salvation.” “The role of cardinal is not an award to be bragged about; it is a service.” “What world we are leaving our children? Maybe it would be better to ask: What children are we giving the world?” “So many children don’t know how to pray!” “Each day we all have the choice to be good Samaritans or to be indifferent travellers passing by.” “The church was, is, and will continue to be persecuted.”

“There have been corrupt periods. There were very difficult periods but the religion revived itself.” “Would it be possible for us to be more attentive to what we say to others and what we do not say?” “Theologically speaking, the devil is a being that chose not to accept God’s plan.” “Whoever does not pray to Jesus Christ prays to devil.” “The family is the natural centre of human life.” “Life is like football. You have to deal with the penalties where they fall; you can’t choose where you are going to land. Life is like that, and you have to deal with it even if you don’t like it.” “This is the struggle of every person, be free or be a slave.”

“When someone is self-sufficient, when he has all the answers to all the questions, it is a sign that God is not with him.” “God is not a kind of FedEx sending messages all the time.” “Gossip is taking the truth out of context.” “There are two types of men – those who take care of the pain and those who pass by.” “We do not have the right to be indifferent or to look the other way.”

“Jesus took care of the details.” “How many problems would we avoid in life if we learned to listen?” “The measure of every person is God, not money.” “He who has a little power has to serve a little more.” “To recognize, accept, and live with all ways of thinking and being, does not imply the renunciation of one’s own beliefs.” “Man is not made for work, work is made for man.”

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