It all started about 25 years ago. William Lawrence was attracted to the Ukrainian Church in Woolloongabba, Queensland. He soon made friends. He kept expanding his knowledge of the Eastern Churches. He developed a love of icons, icon writing, vestments, and the sewing of vestments. He became very proficient at these things. It was not long before he became very well known for his creativity. He became expert at sewing for the Roman and Ukrainian churches. He often has more orders than he can fill.

His icon classes also became well known. Today he conducts three groups of students of icon writers at the parish. The students keep coming.

He has a beautiful voice and has a love of all things liturgical. He reminds one of a monk. A matter of fact he is an oblate of the Tyburn Priory of the Order of St. Benedict.

He was ordained a subdeacon and has studied for the deaconate. The Eparchial College of Consultors approved his ordination to the deaconate in January 2015.

The ordination was performed by Bishop Peter Stasiuk on Sunday, 19th April 2015. Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett from Lismore also attended. Fr. Stefan Sapun, the local pastor, was the archdeacon. Deacon Justin McDonnell from Melbourne assisted. Fr. Martin Arnold was also present. Priests from overseas were Fr. Ihor Kolisnyk C.Ss.R. from New Zealand, Fr. Jarko and Rodoslav from Slovakia, a local Roman Catholic, Deacon Anthony Gooley, represented the Australian deacons.

Very Rev. Mother General Gregory of the Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Montmartre Order of St. Benedict was accompanied by Rev. Mother Xavier.

Deacon William’s sister Jennifer and other family members joined the new deacon for the celebration.

Fr. Nicholas Serdiuk from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Mr Jon Janovski from the Macedonian Orthodox Church were also present.

The church was full as was the parish hall for the reception which was held immediately afterwards.

Fr. Deacon William Lawrence has not been well lately. He is battling cancer. As we celebrate the joy of his ordination we also pray for his full recovery.


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