On Saturday, 7th January 2017, during the Christmas Day Liturgy, Deacon Edward Kostraby was elevated to the rank of Archdeacon or Protodeacon by Bishop Peter Stasiuk.

Archdeacon Edward was ordained a deacon on Sunday, 9th July 2000, at the Cathedral. He began his studies for the deaconate in 1995. During the last 16 years, he has been actively engaged in the altar servers’ programme and catechism.

In 2010, Bishop Peter asked him to represent our Eparchy in the National Deacons Association. On 22nd March 2010, Deacon Edward was appointed as the deacon representative of all Eastern Catholic Churches at this national level of all Catholic deacons in Australia.

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There are very few Archdeacons in our church in the world, usually only one in smaller Eparchies. As a sign of his office, Archdeacon Edward has the honour to wear a red sash.

The prayer of installation of the Archdeacon explains the present role of Deacon Edward. The prayer asks God to help him to serve the Divine Mysteries and asks God to give him the grace to be a good example to those he serves by endowing him with integrity.

This is a noble office indeed. Axios Archdeacon Edward.

Bishop Peter and Deacon Edward Kostraby

Bishop Peter and Deacon Edward Kostraby