The Ukrainian Youth Association launched its “Camp on Wheels” on Sunday 27th December 2020 at the Camp Karpaty in Buxton, Victoria. 2020 has been different, and the camp will be different as well.

About 100 members from across Victoria opened the programme at 10:00 am. The programme was both interesting and important. It was good to see the young members receive their awards as they progressed through the ranks.

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Mark Tkaczuk, the National leader of CYM, welcomed Bishop Peter Stasiuk, the Basilian Sisters, and Fr. Iurii Tychenok, who has just been appointed as the chaplain of CYM Geelong and Melbourne.

Divine Liturgy followed at 11:00 am. Both Bishop Peter and Fr. Iurii preached and both stressed the importance of showing gratitude and thanking God and people. Thanksgiving is a basis of Christianity as it acknowledges that everything we have we have received from God, and with God’s blessing from others around us.

The next session of camp will be on 4th January 2021 at the beach in Anglesea.

On 16h January, the last session of camp will be at the Kokoda track hike.

In difficult times, we do the best we can in order to stay connected.