The members of CYM celebrated the Day of Remembrance of their Patron – the Holy Archangel Michael

On November 21, our church honors the memory of the Holy Archangel Michael. On this occasion, on Sunday, November 20, chaplain of the Ukrainian Youth Association, Fr. Yuriy Tychenok celebrated the festive Divine Liturgy for the members of this community with a branch in Melbourne.

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Father Yurii addressed the perpetrators of the celebration with a welcoming speech, encouraging the youth always to be on the side of the Light together with their Patron, and to overcome evil with good.

“In order to enter the temple,” said the father, “or to any other room, we must first of all open the door. In order to speak a word, we must open our mouth. In order to see something, we must open eyes. In order to read the book, we have to open it. And in order to know Jesus Christ better, we have to read the Gospel.”

Reflecting on the Gospel from Luke, which tells about a legion of demons that entered the body of a man from the Gerasenes, the father remarked: “Our body is a temple for our soul. At the moment of the Holy Mystery of Baptism, we open the door and let the Lord Jesus Christ enter our body. Therefore, we must always pay attention to our body: what we say and what we do. After all, if we behave indecently – Jesus leaves our body and then the evil spirit tries to enter as it doesn’t  have its own body and therefore seeks shelter, storage.”

The preacher then drew attention to the fact that today we are also witnessing how an evil spirit possesses the Russian military and is trying with all its might to enter and take over our Ukraine. And in conclusion, he added: “On this day, on the eve of the feast of the Holy Archangel Michael and the other Heavenly Disembodied Powers, we have gathered for prayer and ask our Lord Jesus Christ to remain in our hearts and in our country, and all the good angels, led by Archangel Michael, – help to drive away all evil on our life path.”

The chaplain also thanked for the fact that, despite various challenges and difficulties, the community continues to unite and serve for the good of all Ukrainians in Australia.

Almost 100 members of CYM residents gathered for the solemn celebration of the Day of their Patron and Protector Michael. It was not for nothing that the Ukrainian Youth Association  chose the Holy Archangel Michael as its patron, since it was he who defeated Satan and protects every person from his influence. The Ukrainian Youth Association supported its choice with the slogan “God and Ukraine”.