It is my duty and also pleasure to speak to you during this very difficult time when Australia, and especially Victoria, is going through the Covid19 crisis.

These times are not normal. It’s a situation we are not used to, and it puts us under a lot of stress. It is not normal to live in isolation, without the presence of family and friends. It is not normal to live in fear and constant uncertainty.

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In order that we might not be afraid and take our minds off the constant bad news, may I suggest that we turn our attention to God. To talk with God. To pray.

We all know our set prayers that we have been taught since we were young, but may I suggest a different form of prayer as well.

We can talk to God, as if we are sitting next to Him and speak to him as a friend. Tell Him your hopes, fears, desires, and whatever is on your heart.

We can read the Bible. A few verses at a time. God also speaks to us through scripture.

It can be that we might not be able to recognize God, even though He is near to us. We might not recognize Him, but God is near to us. We might not recognize Him because we were expecting something else.

Be certain, God is with us. That’s the nature of God, not to abandon us, to love us, to give us hope.

The virus crisis will end. A vaccine will be found. Life will return to normal.

May God Bless all of us.

+Peter Stasiuk