Dear faithful of the Eparchy of Sts. Peter and Paul of Melbourne!

In the Gospel of Matthew we read: “the boat was already a long distance from the land, battered by the waves; for the wind was contrary”. The current situation with the coronavirus in Australia seems to reflect these words of the Holy Gospel. Our life is like a boat rocked by various waves, after which we feel confused. Because of the virus, we became isolated from each other and we became hostages of our own homes. In such a situation, we may ask, “Where is God? If God is love, then why does He allow a difficult situation?”

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Sometimes God allows certain difficulties to make us stronger and to give us “spiritual immunity” in the future. It is today that we must understand that God is with us, we are not alone in these trials. We all sail in a boat called the Eparchy of Sts. Peter & Paul of Melbourne. We need to understand that we cannot move forward on our own, but only together. I encourage all the faithful of our Eparchy to pray fervently for one another. Call single people, your parents, grandparents, the elderly. Your call can be a ray of light and warmth for them.

Let’s invite Jesus to the boat of our lives. Let us give Him our fears and anxieties. For such is the power of God: to return for good all that happens evil in our lives.

What will life be like after a pandemic? Of course, it will be different. And I believe, that we will all change, and appreciate hugs like never before; we will appreciate the mornings, when we send children to school; we will appreciate working meetings and handshakes.

I entrust each of you in my prayers to the Mother of God. O Mother of Perpetual Help, save us!

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