Christmas is a special occasion for Ukrainian Catholics around the world. Australia is no exception. 

Our parishes have reported good attendance in many places. Some churches had standing room only. Young people and children came out in numbers. From Hobart to Christchurch, New Zealand, to Brisbane to Perth to Melbourne, there was a special feeling within our community. The Vigil before Christmas was celebrated in all churches Entire families, some groups as high as 50-70, gathered for the traditional Christmas Eve supper and Christmas Day meals. Various groups of carollers visited homes.

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Bishop Peter attended Christmas celebrations in North Melbourne, Ardeer and Geelong. In his homilies, he referred to the fact that the birth of Jesus Christ was in response to a promise made by God in paradise after the sin of Adam and Eve. Through Christ’s birth and our baptism we are the inheritors of God’s plan for a future kingdom in eternal life. We do live in an age where the faith is tested but he added we did not create ourselves, God created us. His love for all of us is our hope for our own salvation.

Christmas is a very big occasion; its celebration lasts for the next month. The same time, during which we use the greetings “Christ is born!”, all respond “Glorify him”

Bishop Peter at Cathedral

The Vigil before Christmas was celebrated in all churches Entire families