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Special Events of the Eparchy

Acivities and events in the Eparchy

Canberra 4 Day Pilgrimage

The Cathedral in Canberra was proclaimed the pilgrimage place

Canberra Parish is celebrating its Praznik – St Volodymyr on the weekend of 29th-30th July. A Pilgrimage has been organized to include sight seeing of Canberra. The pilgrimage leaves at 8.00am on Friday 28th July and returns approx. 5.00 pm ...

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Eparchy shares its Talents

We do not have a very big Eparchy and do we have that many clergy as well, but when you look closely there is a lot of talent about.  We are not afraid to share the gifts we possess. Three ...

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Різдвяне Послання

Душпастирям, монашеству та вірним Єпархії свв. Петра і Павла, Мельбурн Христос Раждається! Славім Його! В цей час року пам’ятаємо друзів і тих що є близькі нам і закуповуємо різдвяні подарунки.Остаточно, найважнішим подарунком ми можемо дати є наша любов продовж року.

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