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The Peace of Faith (I)

An Address to the Aquinas Institute, University of Oxford 4/12/09 By Dr. Andrew Thomas Kania pt 1 In the early fifteenth century the German cardinal, mystic and mathematician, Nicholas of Cusa, had journeyed to Constantinople, learning first hand not only ...

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The Chrysalis (cf. Malachi 3: 2 – 3)

Published in Church and Life (1827-28) 22.12.2011 – 19.01.2012 No 1-2 Pg 2 Dr. Martin Seligman of the Universityof Pennsylvania, published a work in 1990, Learned Optimism, that has been described since its release as one of the most important ...

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The Supreme Irony: Part II (cf. Proverbs 4)

Published in Church and Life (1826) 30.11.2011-21.12.2011 No 18 Pg 2 As Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy moves on to its explosive crescendo, with its do-or-die battle for Middle Earth, the question that has raged from the beginning ...

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The Supreme Irony: Part I

 (cf. Exodus 20: 12 & Deut. 5: 16) Published in Church & Life (1825) 11.11.2011 – 30.11.2011 No 17 Pg2 by Dr. Andrew Thomas Kania Ancient Greek civilization gave the saying: “the crab walks sideways because of the example set ...

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Of Millstones (cf. Matthew 18: 6)

Published in Church and Life No 16 (1824) 20.10 to 09.11.2011.pg 2 One of the most famous of medieval pilgrimage sites was the murder-scene of Archbishop Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. After the Reformation of Henry VIII and the desecration ...

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The Presence of God

(cf. Song of Solomon 5: 2) Published in Church and Life (1822) 8.9.2011-27.9.2011 No 14 pg2 Evelyn Underhill (1875 – 1941) in the seminal study, Mysticism, wrote in the Preface to her work, that the word ‘mysticism’, is: “One of ...

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Of Modern Day Miracles

Dr Andrew Thomas Kania Published in Church and Life (1820) 28.07.11 – 24.08.11 No12 Pg 2 The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines the word ‘miracle’ as a “Marvellous event not ascribable to human or natural agency, and therefore attributed to ...

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One in Being, and undevided

 by Dr Andrew Thomas Kania Published in Church and Life (1821) 25.8.2011 – 7.9.2011 No 13 pg2 Of the three great religions of the world that spring out from the bosom of Abraham; it is the Christian religion with its ...

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