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Playing God (cf. Genesis 37: 12 – 36)

A lack of cultural sensitivity, a lack of historical awareness, a lack of political context, blended with sheer arrogance, pride and then completed with more than a little military clout – is a dangerous cocktail for any world leader to ...

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The Shadowlands (cf. Job 19: 25)

C. S. Lewis

Rarely in motion pictures are the eternal questions of love, suffering and life depicted with such a degree of sensitivity and poignancy then in the 1993 motion picture, Shadowlands; a dramatic portrayal of the famous British author, C. S. Lewis ...

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Prisoner and Exile (cf. Isaiah 53: 3-4, LXX)

Josef Slipyj

Lakota: We should manufacture the authentic Christian revolution – work for all, bread for all, dignity for all men. Cardinal Leone: But without violence! Lakota: Well excuse me, but violence, is a reaction against a situation that has become intolerable; ...

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The Catholic Concordance

By Dr. Andrew Thomas Kania In the early part of the 15th Century a brilliant priest and mathematician, Nicholas of Cusa (1401 – 1464), began applying his substantial intellectual talents to solving a problem that for centuries had prevented the ...

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The Journey

By Dr. Andrew Thomas Kania The largest craft ever to sail the skies, was now twelve hours overdue at its prospective destination, Lakehurst airfield, New Jersey. The airship, the Hindenburg, over 200 metres in length, (surpassing even the Titanic in ...

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Of Teaching (cf. Luke 24: 32)

By Dr. Andrew Thomas Kania A well-worn preacher’s tale runs as follows. One day a woman known for being a gossip in a village parish discovered to her remorse that a story she had told about another parishioner was in ...

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