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Bishop Peter’s Articles

Articles in both Ukrainian and English by Bishop Peter Stasiuk, Which have been published in Church and Life

So you are a Ukrainian Catholic

There are various ways that you can become a Ukrainian Catholic. You can, of course, be born into the Church or you can choose to become one. Most of us are in the church because our ancestors were. People might ...

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Prosphora means “offering” in Greek. It is the bread we use on the altar. Many of us know about two kinds of altar bread: one, the wafer that Roman Catholics use, and the Prosphora which Byzantine Christians use for the ...

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Modern slavery

Today slavery is seen as a crime against humanity. You would like to think that it no longer exists, but today probably more than ever you can see that people are bought and sold, given away or acquired as if ...

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What is Peace?

It is too simplistic to say that peace is the absence of war. There are many countries, states or even local groups or organizations which are not at war, but you might not describe them as living in Peace. Others ...

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Our Returning War Heroes

It has been my experience that most returning soldiers are not very eager to share their war experiences. Family and close friends rarely hear what their loved ones experienced during the battles they might have been in. Some talk at ...

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Looking at Euthanasia Again

In Australia, there is no shortage of people who are constantly agitating for the introduction of laws which would allow voluntary and involuntary euthanasia. The Catholic Church has always and will always be opposed to this, as it is seen ...

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Visiting the Sick

Visiting the sick is not an option for us. It is a necessity which was mandated by Jesus Christ Himself. He said visiting the sick was an essential element in our own salvation. He equated visiting the sick to serving ...

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Suzanne Aubert

You may have not yet heard of Suzanne Aubert but I am sure you soon will recognize her as you now do Mary MacKillop. New Zealand does not have a saint, yet! But, God willing, there may soon be one. ...

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