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Bishop Peter’s Articles

Articles in both Ukrainian and English by Bishop Peter Stasiuk, Which have been published in Church and Life

The Word of God is always in Fashion

One of the things that really surprised me during the two weeks of World Youth Day 2008 (WYD) was how much the young people really appreciated good preaching; how they were moved by it and how it touched their hearts.  ...

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Preparing Your Children to Leave Home

Some children never leave their parental home.  These cases are rare and all know that sooner or later children must go out into the world and start their own separate lives.  Once children do leave home there are many challenges ...

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Lessons from World Youth Day 2008

One of the ecumenical leaders of Australiawas at a reception hosted by the Premier of N.S.W. during World Youth Day 2008 (WYD08).  He said, “WYD is a great and holy occasion, do not be surprised that the evil one knows ...

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Our society, unfortunately, is ripe for confusion.  Despite all the education, technology, information which is now available, one continues to witness very odd practices and beliefs in the community.

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There is no doubt that the media plays a very vital role in the life of people and society.  It reaches into every aspect of the culture of all people.  The distribution of news is certainly an important part of ...

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Prostitution is a form of Slavery

The Holy See says that prostitution is slavery, the exploitation of women, violence against women; it is connected with trafficking in human beings, an abuse of human rights, and also reveals deeply rooted problems of all customers.  The church teaches ...

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Ukrainians have a tradition of presenting the Christmas pageant in the form of a travelling group of people who interpret the meaning of Christmas.  It is not the story ofBethlehem, but rather what happens in the hours and days after ...

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