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Bishop Peter’s Articles

Articles in both Ukrainian and English by Bishop Peter Stasiuk, Which have been published in Church and Life

Holodomor, an Act of Bullying

Published in Church and Life (1826) 30.11.2011-21.12.2011 No 18 Bullying is described as a form of aggressive behaviour, manifested by the use of force or coercion which involves an imbalance of power repeated towards particular victims.  Typically it involves methods ...

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Another Survey on Marriage

Published in Church & Life (1825) 11.11.2011 – 30.11.2011  No 17 Just recently Time magazine did a major survey on marriage.  The results are rather obvious.   Fewer and fewer people are taking marriage vows; they are simply living together.  Now ...

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The Priesthood

Published in Church and Life No 16 (1824) 20.10 to 09.11.2011. Priests are always ordained during a Divine Liturgy.  This is so, because the central role of a priest is the Eucharist, the response to the command from Jesus Christ ...

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The Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus of Rome

Published in Church and Life (1823) 28.9.2011-19.10.2011 No 15 The Didache is the oldest document in the church which describes early Christian life.  It was written by a man called Hippolytus about 215.  This document describes the daily practice of ...

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The Didache

Published in Church and Life (1822) 8.9.2011-27.9.2011 No 14 I presume you may never have heard of this document.  Learned people say that it was written by the 12 apostles.  It was probably a result of the first meeting of ...

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Published in Church and Life (1821) 25.8.2011 – 7.9.2011 No 13 Astrology in all its forms has always been condemned by the church as a work of the devil. This is one of the earliest and most constant teachings of ...

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Peace Makers

The word “peace maker” is only used once in the Bible in Mt.5:9.  It is used to mean – the one who reconciles quarrels.  Jesus is not on the side of violence.  He is saying that there is no way ...

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Did Jesus Christ really exist?

Most people I know believe that there was a real historical person who was called Jesus Christ.  After all, there is enough historical evidence to prove that such a person existed about 2,000 years ago.  Yet, not surprisingly, there is ...

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Lessons to be learned

The situation with the members of the Anglican Church who want to join the Catholic Church is very interesting to Ukrainian Catholics.  There are individuals, parishes, priests and even bishops of the Anglican Church who have petitioned Rome to be ...

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