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Chrismation Question

Question From Betty Hello, I have an Ukrainian background, and I have three children. My first child was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church and the remaining children in the Byzantine rite. Now I have a slight problem. My...

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St Gregory Palamas

Ask the Priest Question I will convert to Catholicism and hope you could help me with my question that I am thinking much about: Is Gregory Palamas a Catholic saint? and is it ok for Catholics to read Philokalia? Answer Gregory...

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Expanding the Eparchy

Ask the Priest Q: Is there a possibility that your eparchy will expand to far-flung parts Asia particularly in the Philippines? A. One should never say “never” to anything I suppose but the chances of the Ukrainian Catholic...

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Living Together

Ask the Priest Question I am very concerned about this question.  My daughter just moved into an apartment with her boyfriend.  They have been together for over four years and will probably marry one day.  We were just told by...

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I need a Father

Ask the Priest Question: Hi, I’ve got a problem I’ve been struggling with for quite a while. You see, I do not have a father. My biological dad was an alcoholic who died when I was 14, and even before that he had...

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Ask the Priest  Question Hi, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I had a question about my marriage. My husband and I got married in a civil ceremony with the Justice of the Peace. Years later, we both got baptized as...

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