According to the calendar of our Church from the 28th of November to the 6th of January every year we have Phillip’s fast. At this time in accordance with ancient tradition people sing carols. Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral Parish began the season with carolling in our Eparchy.

In the evening of 18th December 2014 in Parish Hall was held the Carol’s Evening and eating kutya “in advance”, it was held on Saint Nicholas Archbishop of Myra Eve. The Parish Council has planned to hold this event near Cathedral at the grass area. However, as everyone knows, the weather conditions in Melbourne are unpredictable. Due to rain the event took place in the Parish Hall.

People of all ages came to the Evening. Many of them were dressed in Ukrainian national shirts – vyshyvanka. The event lasted about two hours. Many carols were sung in different languages: in Ukrainian, Croatian, German and English. Different groups, choirs presented their carols for audience in high and professional level. Everyone sang carols together as a group.

Of course, there wаs Ukrainian Christmas traditional dish – kutya, which everybody tried.

The Carol’s by Candle Light Evening in North Melbourne Cathedral was held in a festive and family atmosphere. We are anticipate Christmas and wish everybody a happy celebration of this great feast.