It started in our Geelong Parish some 5 years ago. During the Christmas season, the Parish invited all the choirs in the state of Victoria to perform Christmas carols in a celebration of Christmas. Since then, these festivals have been held in many of our parishes in our Eparchy.

On 11th January 2015, we gathered again in Geelong to sing and to praise God. The unique Geelong Church choir hosted the evening. They began the programme which was hosted by Orest Popowich. Rodyna followed with four carols. Mr. Holovko’s quartet also sang four pieces. Plast Geelong group preceded the Cathedral Choir. The evening was concluded by carols sung by the whole congregation.

About 130 people then went to the parish hall where all enjoyed a full meal prepared by the parish council.

Our congratulations to Fr. Ihor Bakay and the parish for keeping the very beautiful Ukrainian tradition alive.

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