The beginning of the New Year is always a very busy time in the Ukrainian community. The celebration of Christmas, the Epiphany, summer camps, house blessings and carolling.

The Covid pandemic has forced everyone to imagine new ways of carrying on their traditions. Our community has been very creative, while all the traditions were followed, not all of them were carried out the way they were in the past.

The blessing of water was carried out three times in the cathedral on Sunday, 17th January. Once at each of the liturgies. The two Sunday liturgies and at 12:00 pm at a liturgy arranged by the Plast youth organization.

This year water was blessed in prefilled bottles. Close to 300 bottles were taken.

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Plast, due to Covid restrictions held an “Urban” camp which was based at North Melbourne but extended into the city of Melbourne on various day trips. The camp was culminated in the park just outside the cathedral door on Sunday afternoon. It was a huge success. It was just as if the camp was at Sokil in 2021.

The leaders are to be congratulated for their hard work and lateral thinking. Come to think of it, this style of creative thinking is exactly what is the essence of the youth group.

The extended weekend was completed on Monday evening with Compline and a Shchedryi Vechir in the parish hall. This traditional family meal was the completion of the Christmas cycle of celebration in our community.