Bishop-elect Mykola Bychok will soon become the new Eparch for the Ukrainian Eparchy “down under”.

Bishop Peter has stated that he will do all he can to help to establish the new Bishop and after that he will leave for Canada to return to the Redemptorist Fathers’ monastery in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

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After 27 years of service in Australia, Bishop Peter has started visiting the parishes around Australia to thank the faithful for their good will, co-operation and patience.

The responsibilities of each bishop in any church are different from that of his predecessor. While the mission of Christ is the same throughout the ages, the Holy Spirit challenges each local church to serve the people of God in this ever-changing world.

The Ukrainian Catholic Church finds itself with different challenges today as compared to those which were present 27 years ago.

Just for example, over 20 million Ukrainians have left Ukraine in recent times. They are now in almost every country in the world. The church must minister to them in their unique circumstances.

The church must be even more adaptable and vibrant in this modern age. Our new Bishop will be dealing with different circumstances than his predecessors.

Bishop Peter began his visits in South Australia in the Wayville and Woodville parishes on 8th and 15th March.

The next journeys will include the following:

Newcastle-29th March, Noble Park-5th April, Canberra-12th April, Geelong-3rd May, Perth-10th May. It is proposed to have the postponed ordination to the Deaconate of Mr. Andrew Kania during this visit.  Ardeer will be visited on the 17th May. The Cathedral Parish on 24th May, Brisbane on 31st May and Sydney on 7th June.

Bishop Peter Stasiuk is looking forward to visiting all our parishes. He intends to leave Australia at the end of June this year.