Christ is Born,

Much has happened this year both at home and abroad.  We have seen war, persecution of  Christianity and so much more.  We have had national elections in Australia and overseas, all of this has some influence on the way we deal with our lives.  When we add our spiritual lives into all of this, we discover that we are not alone.  When we prepare for the Nativity of Christ, we discover that we are not alone.  There are many people who are looking for answer to life and who are looking to Jesus and the Church He founded for direction.

Ultimately we know that we need to take responsibility for our own lives.  We cannot look to people who have given up as an example nor as a justification for our own weakness in these times.  When we begin to take responsibility for our spiritual lives and allow ourselves to grow in faith then we can overcome all obstacles that we face.

Our whole church is now preparing to have spiritual emphasis on our youth, to help young people grow in faith

This year we as a community are going to be doing two very important projects to help us along in dealing with our lives.  We are promoting the catechism, “Our Pascha”.  This now available in Ukrainian and in English.  This is going to be an important answer to many people’s question.  Many people want to know more about their faith.  This book is the result of 20 years hard work by a team of people,  who were entrusted by the patriarch and the Synod of Bishops to help our church grow in knowledge and faith.   When you get the book into your home, and indeed many have already done so, you will appreciate its importance.

2017 will be the year of youth.  Last year was the year of mercy and what a spiritual journey that was.  So many of us really enjoyed experiencing the spiritual journey.  It was a period of growth.

The youth have many issues in today’s post Christian society. These are difficult times we are living in.  It is difficult trying to be a holy faith filled young person today. Our whole church is now preparing to have spiritual emphasis on our youth, to help young people grow in faith.  This is a church wide spiritual project, in which all eparchies in the world are taking part.  We hope many great results come from this.

Also next year will be a very holy one for us.  Next year we will be  commemorating an amazing event.  50  years ago, 4  Basilian sisters came to Australia to start of a mission to become a part of the UGCC  in Australia.  We can only stand  in awe of the wonderful that these amazing sisters have done over the years.  Their holiness has touched so many lives over the years.  We can only thank God for sending them to us, and allowing us to help them witnesses of God’s love.


Eparch of Ss. Peter and Paul

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