There has been a lot of activity in the Perth Parish recently and it looks like there will be even more activity in the near future.

With the coming of Lent, various religious Education Classes are being contemplated. i.e. Bible study, catechetical classes etc.

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In the last few months, all the asbestos from the church was removed, the ceiling in the church was replaced, and the church dome was waterproofed, repaired and repainted. There is still a need to paint the church ceiling and to clean the floor to place tiles and rugs where necessary.

A lot of fundraising was organized in the last few months. Almost 100 thousand dollars was repaid on the loan.

The new Parish Council has acquired as a donation a new set of kitchen items. These will have to be installed in a renovated kitchen.

There will be a lot of volunteer work needed to finish the planned projects.

The parish has seen a lot of volunteer work in the last few months. They are especially grateful to Mr. Zenon Figurek of Melbourne who donated his time to repair and paint the dome of the church.

During the luncheon after the Liturgy on Sunday, 18th February, 2019, Ms Lesa Melnyczuk, the famous auther of Perth, presented her most recent book which is simply called “Holodomor”. The rather large book, which has 175 pages, gives a public voice to the  “silenced voices of the starved children”. It is a very touching book which tells the world about the Ukrainian famine of 1932-1933 from the perspective of people who eventually moved to Western Australia. It is a book which must be shared around the world to anyone who has not heard about this tragedy which was perpetrated on Ukraine or wants to find out more about it. A sincere “thank you Dr. Lesa”.

Our Perth parish while not large in numbers is certainly a very Vibrant Parish.