From the very beginning of the creation of the world, God has shown His love for His people. The history of the constant rebellion of humanity against God, despite the signs of love and patience that we witness from God, can help us in our search for the true nature of God.

Jesus is the personification of God. To know Jesus is to experience God Himself.

Just as God does not destroy the snakes in the desert when Moses asks for help, so God sends His Son, Jesus Christ, not to condemn sinners, but to save them. Just as salvation is found simply by looking at the pole in the desert so we too receive mercy by looking at the Cross of Jesus.

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To understand Jesus and the cross, we should look on Holy Week as it is presented in the scriptures to appreciate what God has actually done for us. This helps us understand who Jesus is.

Jesus decides to enter Jerusalem by Himself, even though He knows what is waiting for him. He rides on a donkey, the humblest of animals. He is not accompanied by and army or an honour guard. He is received by ordinary humble people, even though He is the Son of God.

He does not enter Jerusalem to receive honours from important people. He comes to be scourged, insulted and abused. He comes to receive a crown of thorns. He comes so that people would mock Him. He comes to carry the wooden cross up the hill to Calvary where He would die for us. This is our God. This is the Cross. This is where we find out why Jesus was born into the world.

Jesus defeats the evil one by His Resurrection from the dead.

But why does it have to be this way? Why the Cross? This is where we find this out that God is love. Jesus is love. We are not destroyed, but with the Cross that Jesus takes upon Himself, all the evil, the filth and the sins of the world cleanses us and our sins with His blood, with his mercy, with His love.

Evil and sin have done a lot of damage in the world. There are wars, violence, poverty, greed for money, divisions, hatred and all the other evils in this world.

God cleanses all this. If only we would look at His Cross, and believe that He has done this for us, and live Godly lives, things would be different.

Jesus defeats the evil one by His Resurrection from the dead.

Christ’s Cross never leads to sadness, but to joy and hope.

Our part in all this is not easy. We are not bystanders to this action of God’s love. We are participants. Jesus askes us to do our part in our lives, in our families, in our neighbourhoods. We too have to carry the Cross and to witness to our faith as Jesus did.

Jesus asks Peter, “Do you love Me?”  “Then feed and look after my sheep.” “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”



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