Glory to Jesus Christ!

As a sculptor using clay sculptures works of art, so a priest and a catechist sculpture an image and likeness of Jesus Christ in the soul of a child which by its very nature is soft as wax. It is as if they were painting an icon of Christ, and, obviously, the more care, knowledge, artistic skill… a feel for the child’s emotions and character needs, his errors and passions, the more prayer and sacrifice is put into this work, the more perfect and greater will be the artistic work of their hands

Dear Catechists!

I warmly greet you on the Day of the Catechist. Being a Catechist is not a profession, it is a vocation: to testify of Christ, to lead to Christ, to inspire others with His love.

Therefore, I sincerely thank you for the sacrificial service that you make throughout the year in all sections of catechesis.

Equally, I want to address all who help carry out the catechetical ministry in our Church: parish priests, parish councils and especially parents and family, who play an important role in spiritual growth in the faith. Without your witness, catechesis will not be able to realize its purpose.

I ask you make sure that your children continue to participate in catechesis in your parish.

I want to emphasize that the catechism does not end with the preparation for the First Confession and Solemn Communion, but lasts for a lifetime. Therefore, I ask you make sure that your children continue to participate in catechesis in your parish.

The Synod of Bishops this year has devoted much attention to the liturgical and prayer life of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. It is very important that all of us are prayerful people, who lead others to prayer. To accomplish this, we need to explain the meaning of worship and prayer. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that everyone we catechize should actively participates in the liturgical life of the Church.

God’s blessing in your ministry for the good of the Church and our people. I entrust all of you the welfare of the Holy Mother of God of Perpetual Help, who will always help us in our search for Her Son.

The blessing of the Lord be upon you!

+ Peter (Stasiuk), the head of Patriarchal Catechatical Commission of UGCC

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