Beloved in Christ! The Resurrection of Christ is always a great feast of joy. Unfortunately, this year’s Easter is intertwined with deep sadness for us, as the war has come to our native Ukrainian House. Although we are far from Ukraine in Australia, we are close to it in heart and mind. We are all worried about the war and we are doing those things which lie within our power to undertake for the benefit of our poor brethren and sisters in Ukraine.

In this time of trial, today we need to witness the Resurrection of Christ more than ever. At a time when the apostles doubted and were persecuted by the Jews, the myrrh-bearing women were the first to preach the Risen Christ. Therefore, the task of modern Christians is to become true witnesses of Christ’s Resurrection, despite all the difficulties and hardships we experience in life.

I sincerely greet all the faithful of the Eparchy of Melbourne on this great feast and wish you a blessed and happy Easter.

Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen!