In the Gospel of Matthew 7, 3-6 Jesus says: “Why do you observe the splinter in your brother’s eye? But never notice the great log in yours?

Take the log out of your eye first, and then you will see clearly enough to take the splinter out of your brother’s eye”. This is the advice of Jesus Christ on how to learn to recognize your mistakes. We all know our mistakes – these are our certain failures. Of course, in these situations we want to blame everyone and everything. In this I see pride. We more than once say to ourselves: “How could it not have worked out for me?” Truth lies in that we have to admit to ourselves, that we are not omnipotent and are not perfect. We are weak with inherent errors. In order to recognize this to ourselves – we need to have the virtue of humbleness.

Pride – this is the consequence of the sins of our ancestors; that is why it is hard for us to admit our mistakes. When Adam and Eve sinned, we see, that Adam blames his mistakes on Eve, and Eve puts the blame on the snake (Genesis 3, 1-13).  Neither of them admitted their mistakes, because they wanted to be like God.  Today’s world mostly tells us about pride rather than humbleness. Everything in our lives revolves around us. Whenever we look at media, internet or advertising, all say that a person should be infallible, we can only be winners, otherwise we will be failures.

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Therefore, it is necessary to recognize our mistakes and take responsibility for them. In this it will help if we the have the virtue of humbleness. St. Theresa Avila said that “humbleness is the truth about yourself”. This truth we will find in God, who knows the lives of every person, their intentions and deeds.