This statement is always on everyone’s lips. This is often talked about, books are written with various advices. What we are actually like, the Lord alone knows, because He created us. In the book Genesis 1, 27 we read: “And God created  mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created her”.

Every person in their soul carries the image of God. Every person is an image of God. The Lord created everyone uniquely. He didn’t create a copy of Himself, He created an original.

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Therefore “being oneself” – is to understand, that God looks on every person as special. He looks on us as an Original, who has been gifted life, with a huge stock of talent and gifts. For God we are not a copy, we are all originals with our lives and vocations. We all know that our calling as christians – is to be with God, to be yourself and to do good.

To be yourself – means to live in truth, not to deceive, not to wear masks,  because we do not live in a theatre. A person often uses different masks, and the impression is that depending on the day, they wear the appropriate mask. Sometimes you get the impression that you do not know with whom you are conversing with: with a mask or with a person. Unfortunately, this manifests itself in our lives: in church we are one, at home another, and with people – altogether different.

To be yourself – is to be the way we are: flaws, difficulties and problems. This does not mean that there is no need to work on our flaws and mistakes. It is important to understand them, see them and with God’s grace work on them. You understand that you are not ideal. You are not Lord God. You are a person, but that is the taste of “being yourself”. Therefore, it is highly valued when a person is truthful to himself and to others.

Being yourself – is to understand your own dignity “to be human”; to understand our own value in the eyes of God. When we understand our own dignity and value, we will respect the dignity and value of another person.

To understand what is meant by being yourself – we need to understand in whose image we are created. We, as children of our  Heavenly Father, should be His Mirror in life.