Bishop Mykola Bychok flow out from Kyiv on the 24th of May en route to Australia to serve our faithful in the eparchy of Ss. Peter and Paul for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

When one reads the pages of Holy Scripture, Jesus’ life and that of his disciples was a life of constant motion. In ch.10, Matthew very clearly indicates the purpose of the apostles’ journey: ”Go preach, saying the Kingdom of Heaven is near.”(Mt.10.7)

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This call of Christ to preach the Kingdom of Heaven was for me like a light which showed me what I was to do. Feelings before a journey are known by all – that is joy and sorrow and a certain fear. And I was not an exception experiencing various states of the soul. On one side, sorrow because one leaves those closest to you, family, friends and the country of your birth. However, on the other side joy also exists- because at last you can be together with your faithful: with a different part of Ukraine in Australia. It is there that the Lord is sending me to be together, to support and to aid one another and in this way to journey together to the Heavenly Kingdom.

I am aware that there stand before me many tasks and challenges. The country, the laws and the life of the society and so on. However I know one thing: Where Christ calls – there it is best for me. Today, as I fly so far from my homeland, I am again experiencing this test of faith in God’s Providence. I surrender and offer up my service to Almighty God. I also offer to Almighty God the priests and deacons and families, the consecrated religious and all the faithful of the Melbourne Eparchy of the head Apostles Ss. Peter and Paul.

Bishop Mykola Bychok, C.Ss.R.