In everybody’s lives situations or events occur, which provoke a certain behavior, and straight after behavior comes emotion: joy, hate, irritation or delight.

God created man with a huge world of emotions, and there are no good or bad emotions. There is just our choice how to approach these or other situations. For example, in danger we react with anger, and with anger we may even hate the person, and therefore anger becomes one of the main sins. The same for sadness – when we allow ourselves to live this feeling, we can value what is joy. If a person stops at sadness, then they can fall into depression. God created beautiful humans, but for humans there is always a choice.

When we look to the pages of the Bible, there is not written only good emotions, but also reactions of people, we would call “bad”. For example, in the book of Genesis 27, 41 we read: “And Esau hated Jacob for stealing his blessing…”.  When Jesus visited the synagogue, the evangelist Luke 4, 28 writes: “all in the synagogue are filled with anger” and thrust Jesus out to try to throw him off the hill.  When we read this history, it’s as if God immediately shows what kind of consequence there are when “we give freedom to the emotions which destroy and kill the man himself”.

Therefore, to learn to steer your emotions, I would like to highlight a few points:

1) Prayer for yourself. Every person knows their “weak spots”; therefore, it is very important to allow God to heal our wounds.

2) Try to evaluate the situation, what it is in reality. In circumstances, when we have negative thoughts, we straight away want to say everything, do something, write something, “bang doors” and leave. That is why they say: That what you want to do now – do it after 72 hours. After this time your emotions will “burn out” and we can soberly think and choose the right decision. In a lot of cases we do not know why this happened; why we acted in this way. I think, to spend time in prayer for three days for a situation or for a person, then the Father will open the way on how to proceed.

3) Communication with a spiritual father, friends or parents. They will help us to look at this or another problem from their perspective. Frequently “bad emotions” are caused as a result of unresolved problems or difficulties. That is why we have such a lot of depression and disillusionment, when a person has nobody to share with. They didn’t have someone who could gift their time, attention and love. To be able to trust others.