In the gospel of Matthew 25, 14-30 Jesus tells a story about a master who shares amongst his servants his talents.

To one he gave five talents, another – two, and the third – one. Each of them dealt with the talents differently: some doubled them, someone buried them. Our Lord gave every person the gift of life, to fill it with various talents. Moreover, the Lord has given man the opportunity to dispose of his talents. From this story we know, that the master praised the servants who doubled his talents, and condemned the servant who buried his. Developing ones talents follows from the desire to become better in this or other spheres. In this there is nothing bad. You should remember a few moments:

1) Every person is gifted a talent – this is not a reward; this is God’s gift.

2) To develop these talents, we need to live today’s day, and not tomorrows.  Remember tomorrow cannot come without today. God gifts us today already and now, but tomorrow is still in His hands.

3) Developing our talents – we need to share them. The Italian violinist Niccolo Paganini bequeathed his violin to the town of Genoa but there was only one stipulation: after his death nobody was allowed to play his violin. Today the violin has become a historical artefact, which was once played on by a famous violinist. As a musical instrument it has no meaning, because it has lost its euphony. And somebody named it “Paganini’s widow”.

Finally, so as not to lose your true identity – you need to find it in Christ. Only the Lord thoroughly knows us, our soul and heart. He was a Man in everything, except sin, therefore I think, it is worth looking at him and then we will find ourselves. When we find ourselves in Him, then we will not lose our identity.  Therefore, finding in God our identity we remain true to ourselves, with God and with other people.