On Sunday, 22nd May Plast Victoria gathered together to celebrate the feast of their patron saint Yurij.

The celebration began with the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy in the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, presided over by Bishop Mykola Bychok, Eparch of Melbourne, with co-celebrants Fr. Andriy Mykytyuk, Syncellus of laity and Chaplain of Plast, and deacon Michael Zylan, Chancellor of the Eparchy and longtime Plastun.

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During the sermon, the Bishop said: “Today we gather together to pray and look at the figure of St. Yurij, who is the patron of Plast. St. Yurij is often called the conqueror of the dragon, which can be seen in the icons, where he defeats the dragon on horseback. When you look at the pages of Scripture, the dragon and the serpent are generally not associated with anything good; moreover, in the Bible they are most often associated with the devil. Unfortunately, today there are many serpents that destroy our people. First of all, it is a great serpent of war, which has already taken thousands of our soldiers and civilians during this terrible war in Ukraine. How insidious can be the serpent of drugs, prostitution, alcohol, which today destroys thousands of people. Today, more than ever, we need many St. Yuris to kill all these serpents with a spear.”

At the end of the Divine Liturgy, the Bishop consecrated the Plast scarves, asking God to “Fill the hearts of these plastuny with faith and love through the gift of the Holy Spirit, like the merciful Samaritan who bowed to the patient on the way to Jericho and gave them strength in faith. to always do His Will”.

After the Liturgy, in the park in front of the cathedral, there were activities for ptashat (1-5 years), novaky (6-11 years) and yunaky (12-18 years). Everyone present had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch and support the fundraising bake sale, raising money for the Plast Australia War Appeal . At the end of the day there was an apel, at which new members were welcomed into Plast, and others moved up in the ranks.  New scarves were presented to 3 ptashat, 8 novaky , 3 yunaky and 2 starshi plastuny.