One man looked for himself for a long time. Throughout his life he tried almost everything, but nothing changed. Finally he gave himself to one wise man and said to him, he was disappointed with all his mentors and his only one hope is with him. This man promised, that he would listen to everything that the wise man tells him. Finally he managed to believe in himself, that all was not lost. The wise man listened to the man, silently took him by his hand and brought him to an open lawn where there was a large stone.

– Push it, said the wise man, and do this everyday until the next year; in whatever weather, at the same time and without any break. After a year you will come back to me and I will explain everything. The man thought for a long time on this proposition, but there was no choice for him and he decided to try this. He pushed the stone everyday, regardless of the weather. A year passed, but the stone remained inviolable. After his last push the man came to the wise man and said: “I performed everything. Share your recipe”. The wise man smiled and said: “You  have already understood the wisdom yourself. I have nothing to say, return home”. The man was angry and began shouting that he had wasted the year. To which the wise man answered: “Your task wasn’t to move the stone from its place, but to just push it. Although you didn’t move the stone, but thankfully of  everyday pushing it you changed yourself, you endured, became more courageous and stronger.

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Dear friends! In our lives there are also various stones that we cannot move from their place and everyday it becomes necessary to simply push them. Sometimes we do this ourselves, sometimes with the help of our friends. In this pushing comes lots of questions, to which we cannot always find the right answers. This is why I am inviting you all together to look for the answers to the questions, which today bother christians in the 21st century.

+ Mykola Bychok CSSr.

Eparch of Melbourne, Australia of Sts. Peter and Paul