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I am planning on having my son baptised into the Ukrainian Catholic Church as I was. Unfortunately I find my self a little ignorant of what that entails. Can you please summarise a few key points regarding what differentiates the rite of baptism within our church from other churches. More specifically does my son have to wear the big flouncy gown with hat and booties? I was going to stick him in a little suit without hat or booties! Also does it really matter who buys it (mum insists the godmother should, but the godmother is broke and the gowns are pricey!). 

 Someone said the godfather has to buy a cross and there is a candle and cloth requirement? What are those for?

 Thank you for any ‘official’ information you can share.



Baptism into a church is very important.  It is an announcement of faith on behalf of the parents that they intend to raise their child as a Ukrainian Catholic.

The difference between our church and other churches is that in our church the occasion is a process by which the child enters into the life and unity of the Holy Trinity.  The child is baptised, confirmed and receives the precious Body and Blood of Jesus Himself.  The three sacraments (mysteries) are administered at the same time.  This is a very beautiful and profound moment in the life of the child.

The church supplies the baptismal candle which signifies the light of Christ.  The other articles you mention can be present at the baptism.  It is up to you.  There are, and never were, any rules about that.  The important thing is that the child is baptised.

We do ask that you bring a baptismal robe – a white sheet of cloth which is used to signify the robe of Christ which is used to wrap up the baby after the baptism.  But if it costs too much, well remember, it is more important that you baptise the baby.

The questions you ask are answered by the parish priest once you phone in to make an appointment for the baptism


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  1. Pope Eusebius (Ep. iii ad Ep. Tusc.) says: “The sacrament of the imposition of the hand should be held in great veneration, and can be given by none but the high priests. Nor is it related or known to have been conferred in apostolic times by others than the apostles themselves; nor can it ever be either licitly or validly performed by others than those who stand in their place. And if anyone presume to do otherwise, it must be considered null and void; nor will such a thing ever be counted among the sacraments of the Church.” Therefore it is essential to this sacrament, which is called “the sacrament of the imposition of the hand,” that it be given by a bishop.

  2. Hello Father,

    I’m a Ukrainian Greek Catholic living in Canada. I received the sacrament of confirmation at birth, the same time I was baptized (as it is performed in our tradition). Everything was done by the priest…

    Recently, I was reading the Summa Theologiae, and here is an excerpt (Third book, Question 72, Article 11):


    So this brings a question… Is my confirmation valid, since it was performed by a priest, and not a bishop.
    Second question: if my confirmation is valid, then what should we make of Pope’s Eusebius teaching on this matter? Was he wrong? How is that possible ? (Papal infaillability)

    Thank you

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