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Chrismation Question

Question From Betty Hello, I have an Ukrainian background, and I have three children. My first child was baptized in the Roman Catholic Church and the remaining children in the Byzantine rite. Now I have a slight problem. My...

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Baptism Ukrainian Catholic

Ask the Priest Question. I am planning on having my son baptised into the Ukrainian Catholic Church as I was. Unfortunately I find my self a little ignorant of what that entails. Can you please summarise a few key points...

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St Gregory Palamas

Ask the Priest Question I will convert to Catholicism and hope you could help me with my question that I am thinking much about: Is Gregory Palamas a Catholic saint? and is it ok for Catholics to read Philokalia? Answer Gregory...

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Expanding the Eparchy

Ask the Priest Q: Is there a possibility that your eparchy will expand to far-flung parts Asia particularly in the Philippines? A. One should never say “never” to anything I suppose but the chances of the Ukrainian Catholic...

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