Patriarch Sviatoslav instructed all the Eparchies and each church in each Eparchy to renew the act of consecration of Ukraine to the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God on Sunday 6th April 2014.


Prince Yaroslav the Wise, the son of St Volodymyr, first consecrated Ukraine to the Protection of the Mother of God about 1000 years ago. Patriarch Myroslav Ivan renewed the consecration in Zarvanytsya in 1995.

Patriarch Sviatoslav recently said “Given the new historical circumstances, I wish to turn your spiritual eyes toward the Mother of God and, in response to her loving and caring presence in our live, entrust all of you to her maternal care”.

Each parish in Australia did this on Sunday 6th April as did all the Ukrainian churches in the world.

“There was an increased presence in all our parishes” said Bishop Peter. In the Cathedral parish over 500 people filled the North Melbourne church for the dedication.

The Patriarch’s letter was read. The Cathedral choir sang very beautifully and emotionally. The Ukrainian school children came out in force. Australia’s youth organizations had large representations as well. The various flags and banners represented the many organization which were present.

The prayer ceremony ended with the following prayer “We have no other helper; we have no hope but you, O Most Pure Virgin! Help us for in you we have our hope and in you is our pride: for we are your servants”.