Ask the Priest


I was baptized at birth and am a Catholic.  Although I do not attend church every Sunday I still have faith, but I feel a little alienated by the church structures and child abuse revelations which have been handled very poorly by the church hierarchy in my country (Ireland). I have recently come across some Baptist sermons both on TV and online which I find to be helpful in dealing with difficulties in life and life principles by which to live a good life.  As a catholic, is it wrong to listen to or watch sermons of baptist teachings? A lot of the teachings are similar to catholic teachings.



You must distinguish between the sin and the sinner.  The church has mishandled a lot of abuse cases.  This does not mean that the church does not preach the truth of the Gospel.  It still does. While I would prefer that you work through this and remain a Catholic, I realise that you may be tempted to leave the church. I pray that you do not.

When you look at it closely, child abuse is a grave sin of many if not all churches and other institutions.  We must repent, reform and not repeat the sins of the past.

The question then remains, which is the church of apostolic succession, the true faith and one which can help to bring us to salvation?