Our Parish in Ardeer, Victoria on December 21, joined the Eparchial tradition of holding community pre-Christmas Carol festivals. Our Geelong parish, which has one of the oldest carolling traditions in the Eparchy followed up on Sunday December 23.

Both churches were relatively full for the evenings.

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Again, young people featured in both parishes’ celebrations. There is some unbelievable singing talent among our younger generations. It was very pleasing to hear new voices praising God and singing Christmas hymns.

Young people featured in both parishes’ celebrations ©catholicukes.org.au

Young people featured in both parishes’ celebrations /©catholicukes.org.au

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Bishop Peter reminded both parishes that Christmas carols were an integral part of our Ukrainian culture, both our spiritual and secular culture. Our Christmas traditions are a big part of our Ukrainian identity. He asked those present to engage our young people in singing our beautiful carols, and this at an early age. He urged those in responsibility for young people to pass on these traditions totheir youth groups and especially at the pre-Christmas camps which are held each year.