On Sunday the 1st of August 2021 Most Reverend Bishop Mykola Bychok celebrated Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at Ss Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in North Melbourne.

Following the service, both parishioners and members of “Nadia” group of the Ukrainian Youth Association I. Mazepa in Melbourne, gathered for lunch and a very special event. It should be noted that in 1977 the “Nadia” group created an embroidery course which ran until 1984.

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On this day the members of the group presented Bishop Mykola several display books of embroidery samples from various parts of Ukraine, for the Ukrainian Museum of Australia in North Melbourne. Also present on this day were original students of the embroidery group which was taught by the late Olga Kotsumbas – Ira Kohut, Maria Moravski and Lidia Senjov.

The “Nadia” group President Slavka Zabak welcomed the new Eparch with his arrival to Australia. She also greeted the director of the Ukrainian Museum of Australia, Mrs Maru Jarockyj on her birthday. In conclusion, Bishop Mykola thanked the group for a valuable gift for the museum and encouraged them to pass on their experience and knowledge to the next generation.

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