On Sunday, 10th January, about 40 past members of the Cathedral Youth Choir came to Kalyna Care Nursing Home to visit and thank Oksana Tarnawska who was the original founder and director of the choir for over 45 years. She has become a legend in the Eparchy. The choir in its history led the liturgies at the Cathedral at least once a month and had visited every parish in Australia and some a number of times.

Stefan Romaniw organized a Christmas Carolling visit for former choir members. Stefan thanked Oksana for her many years of dedication and service.

Lesia Abbinga said on Facebook: “Oksana was one of the hardest workers of our Ukrainian community. She passed on so much love of our heritage to so many young people over so many years.”

Roman Bernyk, a former member of the choir, was announced as the new Choir Director of the Cathedral Youth Choir. Oksana had trained him and always wanted to have him succeed her. She was delighted with the news. Fr. Alex Kenez, parish priest, also expressed his joy at the news and urged parents to register their children with the new Cathedral Youth Choir.

Photo credit – Paul Danyluk